About Ryan Hammond

Ryan Hammond

About ten years ago I decided I was going to leave behind a lucrative but unfulfilling job and finally turn my passion for 'seeing things' into something more than just a hobby. It's been a fun learning process and it will always continue for me throughout my life. While I'll always love to take pictures of anything that catches my eye I have found myself making a living being a wedding photographer. I never planned on this career but it's so much fun trying to find those fleeting moments that are unique with each and every family union. Trying to capture that "moment" has become an obsession and I love the hunt for them every wedding that I document. My closest friend of over twenty years, Leigh Preuss, and I have partnered up to create a better business and it's truly been an amazing experience. Just in case you're curious to see more wedding photos you can check out us out at - www.HammondPreuss.com. ...and when I'm not documenting weddings - www.RyanHammond.net.

Photography Equipment

~ Canon 5D Mark III
~ Canon 24-70 2.8
~ Canon 70-200 2.8